Watch Now! A Panel Discussion on Racial Reconciliation

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In Summer 2017, Jesse Eubanks was joined by four local leaders for an honest conversation about the good, the bad and the ugly of racial reconciliation. Join Jamaal Williams (Pastor, Sojourn Community Church Midtown), Lauren Ritter (longtime resident of Shelby Park), James Westbrook (Program Director, Seed to Oaks) and Josh Thomas (Elder, Sojourn Community Church) as they discuss why talking about why race matters, what role the church should play, and how Christians can engage this important but challenging issue.

Q1: What role should the church play in racial reconciliation?
Q2: How have you experienced racial division and racial discrimination?
 Q3: What thoughts would you offer to people that struggle to understand why racial reconciliation is being emphasized so much?
Q4: What are beneficial approaches to racial reconciliation?
Q5: What would you say to Christians who say that the topic of race is an invalid issue now that we are all one in Christ?
Q6: What do we do about personal bias and micro-aggression?
Q7: What would you say to people who have been wounded as it relates to their race? How can they move forward?
Q8: How are you parenting your children regarding race and racial reconciliation?

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