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Love Thy Neighborhood is entering into its Grand Finale in Summer ’24. Here are the Frequently Asked Questions surrounding this announcement.

Q: Why is Love Thy Neighborhood closing?

A: Since COVID, LTN has experienced growing challenges with recruitment. The money and manpower required to recruit young adults for our programs has grown exponentially while delivering less returns. Rather than continuing to push our team and donors, we’ve decided to conclude our operations on a high note, ensuring we can properly support our missionaries, partners, and staff in the process.

Q: Where can I read the official announcement?

A: You can read the official announcement here. You can also download the official PDF overview of the Grand Finale.

Q: If LTN is closing, why are you asking for donations?

A: We want to end well! We’ve seen so many ministries limp across the finish line burnt out, disillusioned and wounded. We don’t want that. We want to end effective, hopeful and grateful for all that God has done. Your donations will allow us to dedicate our final months of ministry to the five essential objectives we outlined in the official announcement. To help, you can donate here.

Q: How will you help your staff transition well?

A: Staff have been given a six-month notice (providing adequate time to look for new employment) and will also receive severances as a sign of our appreciation for their years of dedication and service.

Q: What would happen if you didn’t raise enough money?

A: Without enough funds, we would be unable to complete our final podcast episodes, would not have time to find a new home for the podcast to continue onward, would be understaffed for our concluding duties and would be unable to help our staff transition well. As opposed to ending on a note of celebration, we would end on a note of disappointment and disarray.

Q: What will happen with current missionaries serving with Love Thy Neighborhood?

A: With little exception, their experience with LTN will not be impacted. Because it’s our final class, our staff intends to give them the very best of what we have to offer and the culmination of our teaching and training. All missionaries are set to complete their service in the first week of August.

Q: Can people still apply to be a part of LTN’s final class this summer?

A: Absolutely! We are excited to go out with a bang. Join us for our final class!

Q: What will happen to automated, online or mail donations received after August 31st?

A: All donations received on or before August 31st will be tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law. All recurring donations will be canceled on August 31st. Any donations received via mail postmarked after August 31st will be returned to the donor.

Q: I give a monthly automated gift. When should I stop giving and what do I need to do?

A: You do not need to do anything! We’ll take care of it. Your recurring donation will be canceled on August 31st.

Q: What will happen with the LTN Podcast?

A: We are currently exploring several promising options for a new home for the podcast. We will make an announcement once we know more.

Q: What will happen with all the furniture and other items you own?

A: The vast majority of the things we own will be sold off to help us care financially for our missionaries and staff. Some items will be donated to other nonprofits. Some items will be reallocated to assist the LTN podcast in its next chapter of ministry.

Q: What will happen to RelateBetter, LTN’s social enterprise?

A: RelateBetter will continue on as a for-profit business and will still be found at

Q: How can people show their support for the LTN community?

A: Whether it’s $5, $50 or even more, show your support by helping LTN in our Grand Finale. If the people and work of LTN have been a positive presence in your life, please give one final gift to help us.

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