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The journey of Love Thy Neighborhood over the past decade tells a story of faith in action. It’s time to bring this story to its final chapter. With your help, we can make our grand finale a beautiful ending.

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens. A right time
to hold on and another to let go.

Ecclesiastes 3

Dear Friends,

In 2014, when Kiana Brown and I planted the seeds of Love Thy Neighborhood, we could only imagine the impact and blessings that lay ahead.

Reflecting on the past decade, we’re in awe of the extraordinary journey God has led us through. Our vision to disciple young adults has flourished, with 365 individuals contributing more than $3.5 million worth of volunteer service to our city’s nonprofit ministries. The Love Thy Neighborhood podcast, a project we hoped might resonate with a handful, has reached over 1.5 million listens, touching lives around the globe.


Young Adults Discipled & Mobilized


Value of Volunteer Hours Given to Local Nonprofits


Podcast Listens

However, the landscape of volunteer service missions has changed significantly since our inception. Since COVID, the challenge of recruiting has grown. Data indicates a waning interest among young adults in programs like ours, with many seeing a sharp and unstable decline in participation. It’s become significantly more expensive AND more difficult to recruit young adults. That is not a great combination for a small organization like ours.

We have always wanted to be wise stewards of our supporter’s time and generosity. Part of this is recognizing when to persist in faith and when to conclude in faith.

Facing these realities, we’ve reached a pivotal decision. This summer, we will welcome our final class of missionaries, and by September, Love Thy Neighborhood will close its doors.

This decision comes not from defeat but from a desire to end on a note of victory and celebration of what we’ve achieved. We’ve seen so many ministries limp across the finish line burnt out, disillusioned and wounded. We don’t want that! We want to end effective, hopeful and grateful for all that God has done.

Our final months are dedicated to five key objectives:

LTN's Grand Finale Objectives

1. Provide our last class of missionaries with superb discipleship and mobilization.

2. Offer one final wave of support to our nonprofit partners through our interns.

3. Ensure a thoughtful and caring transition for our dedicated staff.

4. Secure the future of the Love Thy Neighborhood podcast.

5. Celebrate the remarkable works God has accomplished through the LTN community.

To fulfill these goals and ensure our team can conclude their journey with dignity and joy, we need your support one last time.

We are praying for an additional $120,000 in support beyond our current commitments. (Thanks to generous donors like you, we’ve already made significant progress. See below!)

To reach this goal, we will need help both small and large. Your gift will make the difference between ending poorly or ending with celebration!

Here’s the straight talk: without enough funds, we won’t have enough time to rehome the podcast, conclude our final episodes of 2024 or give our team the proper transition and send-off they deserve.

Here’s what we’re excited about: ending on a high note. With your help, we can make our final efforts beautiful.

But here’s what we’re excited about: ending on a high note. With your help, we can make our final efforts beautiful. We can ensure our missionaries finish strong, support our nonprofit friends one last time, secure the future of the LTN podcast, and give our staff a goodbye that honors them. We can celebrate what God has done over the last decade.

Your donation isn’t just money to us; it’s the fuel for our final lap. It’s what will change a mediocre ending into a fantastic one. We want to celebrate – thanking everyone, sharing stories, and making sure everyone knows how much their work has meant.

Your gift to Love Thy Neighborhood will help us finish this chapter on a note of joy and celebration, not just for us, but for everyone involved. It’s a chance to make a real difference one more time.

Will you help us with a donation this one last time?

The seeds we started planting in 2014 would never have grown and left such a legacy without your support. Thank you for being part of our story.

Let’s end this chapter well, celebrating the abundance of grace and transformation we’ve witnessed together.

In gratitude and hope,
Jesse Eubanks
Founder & President
Love Thy Neighborhood

P.S. We would love to invite you to our Grand Finale celebration. Save the date for Friday, August 2nd. We’ll be throwing a frugal yet festive event to celebrate the marvelous deeds God has accomplished through Love Thy Neighborhood. We’re excited to thank our alumni, partners, donors, staff and volunteers one last time! We’ll send out more information soon.

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