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Each Thursday, LTN will be featuring a blog written by an Alumni during their time of service. This week’s feature comes from 2010/2011 Alumni Autumn Schaub. This post was originally written in February 2011.


[pullquote type=”left”]Ministry is giving everything of yourself without expecting anything.[/pullquote]I have been doing the LTN program for seven months now, and during this time God has shown me what true ministry is. Ministry is giving everything of yourself without expecting anything. You do it out of love! Jesus told us the first and greatest commandment is to love God with all our heart, soul, and strength. The second is to love our neighbors as ourselves. You can see a difference in people when you give them your all, expecting nothing back. If you think that this is your calling, click here for more info. As Christians, we are not perfect people but God uses us, imperfect vessels, to do His perfect will here on earth. Some examples of ministry at Louisville Rescue Mission are checking someone’s mail or answering the phone, fixing a meal or giving someone a towel or wash cloth, taking attendance in a class or showing someone how to do something on the computers. It’s attending a memorial service for a resident or rejoicing with a former resident who has accepted Christ. Anything I do can be ministry, as long as I am giving God the glory. [pullquote type=”right”]You can see a difference in people when you give them your all, expecting nothing back.[/pullquote]As the Bible says, do all things for the glory of God! If I’m not giving God the glory in everything I do while serving Him, then being a part of this ministry means nothing. I have learned if I approach LTN’s ministry with this attitude, then I will reflect the love of God. Every ministry has its ups and downs. It is not meant to be easy whatsoever. Serving with LTN has been a hard experience, but it definitely has been worth it. I have learned to be thankful in the little things God does, instead of concentrating only on the big things He does.


Derrick was a resident at the beginning of my service term at Louisville Rescue Mission. He had to leave in December due to kidney problems. I was sad to find this out. Just recently, he came by LRM to see everyone. While he was in the program he was not a Christian and didn’t know much about being one. I was happy to see him since I didn’t get to say goodbye to him when he left the program. [pullquote type=”left”]“God got me, man. And I just want to thank ya’ll for everything you did for me.”[/pullquote]My teammate asked him why he was at LRM. He said, “I just wanted to tell ya’ll thank you.” He took his earbuds out of his ears and said, “God got me, man. And I just want to thank ya’ll for everything you did for me.” Derrick knocked on the door where the residents were. My teammate and I listened outside the door as he began to cry and tell the guys what God did in his life. After a few minutes, he came out of the room and said, “I know I didn’t get it before, but all of a sudden it just hit me. I was just walking down the street, and it hit me.” He told us he quit drinking and doing drugs. “And I’m still working on my language.” He will also attend real estate school. “I wanna take my skills from selling drugs, and I’m gonna flip ‘em around and sell houses. And I’m gonna do it honestly.” [pullquote type=”right”]Derrick is a changed man.[/pullquote]I was so excited to hear this news. Derrick is a changed man, and I am so thankful for the work God is doing in his life. I still see Derrick every now and then at church, and he also attends a weekly community group.


I ask that you specifically pray for the opportunities God gives us to talk to the residents at LRM, the homeless guests and our neighbors. Pray that I will give light to others who are living in darkness. Pray that I will give God the glory as I serve Him and be thankful during the ups and downs while doing God’s work!