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Recently, some of our Team Members were serving at a health clinic operated by Christians in a low-income neighborhood. A young woman named Jasmine came in who had been suffering from lupus. Jasmine was a single mother who had been fainting frequently and would experience episodes of memory loss. She would wake up and be unsure of what had happened or where she was. Understandably, when she came in to the clinic she was really afraid.

[pullquote type=”right”]Jasmine was fatigued and her face showed her anxiety.[/pullquote]Jasmine came to get physical help for her health but once she arrived she also requested prayer. LTN Team Member Kandace made her way into the room and asked, “Can you tell me what’s going on today?” Jasmine was fatigued and her face showed her anxiety. Kandace listened as the lady share about her physical pain and her fears. Kandace then pulled her chair close and the two strangers held hands as they prayed.

At the end of the prayer it was clearly the socially appropriate moment for Kandace to get up and leave. But she felt God to tell her to stay in the room. Kandace and Jasmine ended up sharing a 15 minute conversation about each of their lives – about their jobs, their families, their hobbies.

[pullquote type=”left”]”I just knew that if it were me sitting there… I wouldn’t want to be alone.”[/pullquote] Kandace told me, “I just knew that if I were sitting there in that room and I had all that fear and loneliness, I wouldn’t want to be alone waiting for the doctor. She just needed somebody to love her in that moment like God loves us in that moment. She needed somebody THERE.”

[pullquote type=”right”]”By having LTN Team Members serving at the clinic, we’re able to bridge the gap.”[/pullquote]Kandace went on to share, “The demands placed on the clinic’s staff are high. The staff are already doing everything they can to ensure they meet the regulations and administrative demands – so it’s unrealistic that the staff can give the same level of attention and detail to every patient’s emotional and relational needs. By having LTN Team Members serving at the clinic, we’re able to bridge the gap into people’s personal lives and show the love of God on a consistent basis.”

With the partnership between the health clinic and LTN, Jasmine was able to have both her physical and spiritual needs cared for! She was able to experience the gospel in both word and deed!

If you would like to join the LTN Team for a summer or year, apply here and you can experience a meaningful, guided experience to making a real world impact.
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