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In the last episode, we told stories exploring where the gospel meets gun violence. In today’s episode, Jesse Eubanks and Anna Tran will reflect on all the things they couldn’t say about gun violence, interview author and professor Michael Austin about the relationship between Christians and guns, explore what conservatives and progressives each get right and wrong about gun violence and how the way of Jesus is better, and make a phone call to someone around the world to see what they’re doing right now to make an impact on today’s topic.

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Additional Resources

Michael’s book: God and Guns in America 
Radiolab Presents: More Perfect – The Gun Show
Rose’s organization: The ACE Project
Christians debating gun rights and gun control: Unbelievable Podcast, TGC debate

Love Thy Neighborhood Podcast Credits
Special thank you to our interviewees Michael Austin and Rose Smith
Senior producer and host is Jesse Eubanks, co-host is Anna Tran
Anna Tran is our producer and audio editor.
Music for this episode comes from Murphy D.X.


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