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In the last episode, we explored the consequences of believing lies, how the “King of Fake News” got his crown, and how a librarian is rallying Christians to push back against fake news. In today’s episode, Jesse Eubanks and Anna Tran reflect on things they couldn’t say about fake news – including how bias influences our susceptibility to fake news and nine tips to help you spot it. They interview Dr. Greg Bock, author of the book, QAnon, Chaos, and the Cross Christianity and Conspiracy Theories, about the connections between Christians, fake news, and conspiracy. Finally, Anna talks with Ben Holsen, director of programming at the Faith Radio Network, about how their radio station guards against fake news.


Special thanks to our interviewees Greg Bock and Ben Holsen

Senior producer and host is Jesse Eubanks, co-host is Anna Tran.

Anna Tran is our producer and audio editor.

Music for this episode comes from Blue Dot Sessions & Murphy D.X.