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Do you ever have those moments where you can clearly see God’s hand in your life? For me, that happened about two weeks ago:

“On Saturday, I’m going to visit a client from my service site to play games and spend time with the kids she’s taken in. I thought this would be a good Neighborhood Outreach time, who wants to come with?” was the text I received from a teammate, Karine.

Go play with kiddos for a Saturday?! Of course! I jumped at the invitation.

[pullquote type=”left”]We arrived at the client’s home and I instantly recognized the voice…[/pullquote]We arrived at the client’s home and I instantly recognized the voice but I couldn’t be sure because the lady had her hair up in a hair wrap and she didn’t act like she recognized me at all. She welcomed my two teammates and myself, and offered us a seat in the living room while she got the kids and fixed her hair. I leaned over to Karine and whispered, “I think I know this lady.”

[pullquote type=”right”]The lady appeared from the back room and, lo and behold, it was her![/pullquote]After a few minutes a group of children – four in all- appeared in the doorway. I looked for the one I might know but he wasn’t there. The children introduced themselves to us and informed us the youngest brother, Little W was taking a nap. Then, the lady appeared from the back room and, lo and behold, it was Ms.D! While she was greeting us and introducimg us to the kids once again, her eyes fell upon me with a perplexed look across her face. I looked familiar but she couldn’t place why or from where. “Yep, you know me. I used to work at the daycare that little W attended last year,” I gladly explained to her.

[pullquote type=”left”]She said to me, “Come on in here so we can talk.”[/pullquote]“Oh girl! I thought that was you. Come over here!” and she threw her arms around me in a big hug as if she were welcoming a long lost friend. “Come on in here so we can talk.” Just like that, I was honored with an invitation to sit at her kitchen table across from her. We talked the entire two hours I was there. She recounted the trials of her life from the past year and caught me up on her life since the last time we had seen each other. It was a joyous time for me because it meant that Little W and the rest of the family were no longer homeless. Praise be to God!

[pullquote type=”right”]I am so excited to get to know her better![/pullquote]I would never have thought, in my entire life, that I would get to see any of my former students from the daycare for homeless families again. What a precious gift from the Lord! Ms.D invited us all back again. I am so excited to get to know her better!

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