The Enneacast – #72 Type 7’s + Conflict w/ Nathan Clarkson

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Episode #72: Enneagram Type 7’s + Conflict w/ Nathan Clarkson

In this episode, Jesse and Lindsey talk through how 7’s prefer to approach and resolve conflict. Then they interview actor and filmmaker Nathan Clarkson about handling conflict as a Type 7. Nathan talks about striking the balance between assertiveness and avoidance and about how gentleness is key for engaging with 7’s. Everyone also plays Pick Your Poison, where Nathan discloses his caffeine tolerance.

Find more from Nathan:

This episode is part of our Conflict & the Enneagram series.


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Hosted by Jesse Eubanks and Rachel Szabo

Written and produced by Rachel Szabo

Audio editing and mixing by Anna Tran.

Jesse Eubanks is our senior producer.

Music by Lee Rosevere, Podington Bear, Blue Dot Sessions and Murphy DX.

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