Sam Stevenson Announces Transition from LTN

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LTN Supporters and Family – 

It is with both sadness and hope that I announce my resignation as Recruitment Manager for Love Thy Neighborhood. 

So, why am I transitioning? 

I’m taking the time to create margin so I can pursue my dreams of working in the field of Christian psychology. It’s been a dream of mine since before we started work on the Enneacast, and working on that podcast has definitely reignited that desire in my heart. 

While my future specialization is unknown at this time, I know am interested in continuing conversations around adult personality theory, human development, mental health and community engagement and of course, biblical social justice. 

In order to grab hold of the new, I must first let go of the old.

My new road is still being paved, though I am praying for ways to: create space to serve more and lead less, create margin for my own mental and physical wellness, and create new content for our podcast, which isn’t going anywhere. 

Over the years that I have been involved with LTN, I have moved from being a person with a lot of personal ambiguity and professional cowardice to being a person with more clarity and confidence on both fronts. The relationships that formed during my time connected to LTN are to thank for that. 

I consider the LTN staff my family. In times of plenty and in times of lack, we have co-labored well together. I’m looking forward to seeing how the LTN staff will continue to be built up together as brothers and sisters in Christ, and I can’t wait to see who will join them as their new co-laborer. 



Listen below to hear more about the transition & Sam’s future with the Enneacast.

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  1. I’ve enjoyed getting to know Sam through the Enneacast! My daughter is an Enneagram 9, so I’m always keen to hear what Sam says. 🙂 I’m glad you’re continuing to create new content for the podcast and pursuing what the Lord has for you in other areas of your life. I wish you the best!

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