LTN Podcast – #64 Where the Gospel Meets Sex

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64: Where the Gospel Meets Sex

Christians say that sex is a gift from God but what happens when that gift gets trampled by reality? Over 22,000 Christians let us take a look into their sex lives as we try to uncover the problems and pleasures of intimacy and desire.

Resource on vulvar vestibulitis from Katie.

Connect with Sheila, The Great Sex Rescue, more about the survey of over 22,000 Evangelical women.

Connect with Clif.

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Hosted by Jesse Eubanks, Lindsay Eubanks.

Written and produced by Anna Tran.

Audio editing and mixing by Jason Rugg and Anna Tran.

Jesse Eubanks is our senior producer.

Music by Podington Bear, Blue Dot Sessions and Murphy DX.

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