How Can Nonprofits Increase Their Effectiveness?

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Nonprofits running on limited finances and staff must have at least 4 things in place in order to be effective in caring for those in need.

1. Clear Vision and Mission

Those who serve within the nonprofit should know exactly who they are, what the organization’s purpose and goals are, and have a realistic plan in place for how those goals will be achieved. This serves as a roadmap, keeping everybody focused and on the same page.

2. Committed Workers

Nonprofits need staff and volunteers that don’t just appreciate the nonprofit, but BELIEVE in the vision and mission. Any worker that believes in the cause, will be committed, to enduring the harsh reality, pressures and disappointments of the nonprofit world in such a way that encourages and inspires others.

3. Constant Communication

Nonprofits should be approachable. Its necessary that the organization have open lines of communication with the very people they serve. Staff must have a platform to communicate clearly and candidly with one another. It’s also very important that systems are built to communicate frequently with those who partner with the nonprofit.

4. Christ-Centered Approach

As Christians we need to be reminded often that no matter how broken or “beyond help” we might think a person is, underneath all the brokenness is still a person of inherent worth and dignity created in the image of God. Outside God’s mercy and grace extended to us, we have no hope. So it’s the gospel having transformed our lives that provides us meaning, motivation and patience in our work, knowing that God is using us as a means of drawing people to himself.

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