Episode 28: Where the Gospel Meets Mass Incarceration

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Synopsis: Christians believe in God’s perfect justice, but what happens when human justice gets it wrong? Stories of a lawyer, an artist and a seminary professor seeking justice reform.


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This episode was produced and written by Rachel Szabo and Jesse Eubanks. This episode was mixed by Rachel Szabo.

Senior Production by Jesse Eubanks.

Hosted by Jesse Eubanks and Rachel Szabo.

Soundtrack music from Murphy DX, Lee Rosevere, Podington Bear, Kevin McLeod and Blue Dot Sessions.

Thank you to our interviewees: Steve Prince, Dominique Gilliard, Bryan Stevenson, Michelle Clifton-Soderstrom, Alex and Howard.


Artwork: Steve Prince’s Stations of the Cross

Report: Mass Incarceration: The Whole Pie 2019

Publication: The Color of Justice: Racial and Ethnic Disparity in State Prisons

TED Talk: Bryan Stevenson

Speech: Bryan Stevenson’s full talk at the 2018 Skoll World Forum

Website: Equal Justice Initiative

Website: North Park Seminary – School of Restorative Arts

Video: Documentary on North Park’s Restorative Arts Program featuring Alex and Howard

Book: Rethinking Incarceration by Dominique Gilliard

Book: Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson

Book: The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander

Documentary: 13th Documentary

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