Episode 9: Where the Gospel Meets LGBTQ

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Synopsis: Christians say the church is a family, but what happens when part of that family comes out as gay? Stories about wrestling with traditional faith and nontraditional sexuality.


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This episode was produced and mixed by Rachel Szabo. Additional editing by Janelle Dawkins. This episode was written by Rachel Szabo with Jesse Eubanks.

Senior Production by Jesse Eubanks.

Hosted by Jesse Eubanks and Rachel Szabo.

Soundtrack music from Lee Rosevere, Poddington Bear, Broke For Free and Wooden Axle.

Thank you to our interviewees: Matt Truett, Dave Owens and Diana.


USA Today article: “‘Born this way’? It’s way more complicated than that”

Barna Study: “America’s Change of Mind on Same-Sex Marriage and LGBTQ Rights”

Pew Research: “Most U.S. Christian groups grow more accepting of homosexuality”

CNN: “LGBT Rights Milestones Fast Facts”

NY Times article: “Who Are the Gay Evangelicals?”

The Center for Faith, Sexuality and Gender website

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  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to the Love Thy Neighborhood podcast, I think you all do a phenomenal job sharing the heart of the Gospel through others and really cut through the visage of cultural Christianity. The stories I’ve heard have been both heartbreaking and healing; the people sharing their stories are incredibly brave and incredibly vulnerable – two key things that the world needs to see more of from Christians – and I love that they got there by means of others showing them grace and mercy.
    Thank you for all you’re doing behind the scenes to make this podcast possible. I will certainly be praying for y’all and spreading the word!

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