Episode 53: Where the Gospel Meets Nationalism

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Episode 53: Where the Gospel Meets Nationalism

Christians believe God places us where we are for a reason, but what happens when the place where we live becomes what we live for? Stories of Christians wrestling with what it means to love God and country.

Additional resources:
Dr. Perry’s Nationalism Scale- cjtackett.medium.com/the-christian-…s-6f2969c6dd4e

Christians Against Christian Nationalism Statement- www.christiansagainstchristiannationalism.org/st…nt

Episode #30: Where the Gospel Meets Politics- lovethyneighborhood.org/episode30-politics/


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Hosted by Jesse Eubanks and Rachel Szabo

Written and produced by Rachel Szabo

Audio editing and mixing by Anna Tran.

Jesse Eubanks is our senior producer.

Music by Lee Rosevere, Podington Bear, Blue Dot Sessions and Murphy DX.

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