Episode 50: Where the Gospel Meets Fake News

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Episode 50: Where the Gospel Meets Fake News

Christians say they believe in pursuing the truth, but what happens when we can’t tell the difference between truth and deception? The story of how the “King of Fake News” got his crown, the consequences of believing lies, and how a librarian is rallying Christians to push back.

This episode is in partnership with The Holy Post.

To learn more about Rachel Wightman’s class: www.racheliwightman.com/

To hear the full interview with Jestin Coler: www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaqhZeusKd0


More from Jason Thacker: Deepfakes and the Degradation of Truth

Relevant Magazine: Why Do So Many Christains Buy Into Conspiracy Theories?

Barna Study: Media Habits in the Age of “Fake News”MIT Twitter study

Book: True or False – A CIA Analysts’ Guide to Spotting Fake News


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Written and produced by Rachel Szabo.
Audio editing and mixing by Anna Tran.

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