Episode 33: Where the Gospel Meets Emerging Adulthood

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Synopsis: Christians say we should grow in maturity, but today’s generation seems to take forever just to reach basic adult milestones. Are they immature, or have they inherited a path filled with dangers the rest of us never had to conquer? Stories from the strange and changing journey to adulthood.
Featuring Steve Argue (Fuller Youth Institute) and Paul Angone (All Groan Up).


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This episode was produced and written by Rachel Szabo and Jesse Eubanks. This episode was mixed by Anna Tran.

Senior Production by Jesse Eubanks.

Hosted by Jesse Eubanks and Lachlan Coffey.

Soundtrack music from Murphy DX, Lee Rosevere, Podington Bear and Blue Dot Sessions.

Thank you to our interviewees: Steve Argue, Kirsten Cragg, Paul Angone and Hilary Noltemeyer.


Website: All Groan Up

Steve Argue’s book: Growing With – Every Parent’s Guide to Helping Teenagers and Young Adults Thrive in their Faith, Family and Future

Podcast: Growing With Parenting

Christianity Today: Emerging Adults: Apathetic or Indifferent to Matters of Faith?

Barna Study: Only 10% of Christian Twenty-Somethings Have Resilient Faith

New York Times: When Are You Really an Adult?

American Psychological Association: Emerging Adults – The In-Between Age

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