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Like you, I love our city! I was born and raised here in Louisville and have spent my life being amazed by what God has done here. We have so many ministries and nonprofits changing lives and bringing the gospel to our hurting neighbors!

I’m sure that you believe that God wants us to help ministries in need, but how do you decide who to help when there are so many needs? This can be overwhelming and confusing.

Here’s the thing: The word is getting out about what God is doing here in OUR city!

Since we launched in 2014, over 100 young adults have relocated to our city to serve in our nonprofits, be a part of our churches and live in our neighborhoods. We’ve had folks come to serve with us from all over the United States (even Hawaii! Why would you leave Hawaii?!) We even have our first intern serving with us from England. Think about that for a second: this young lady relocated halfway across the world to live and serve here with us because she heard about what God is doing in our city.

Christians around the world are hearing about what God is doing in our city and they’re coming here in increasing numbers to be a part of it!

In the last 5 years, over 150 young adults have given over 70,000 hours of volunteer service to the ministries you love free of charge! (That’s a value of over $1.5M in volunteer hours donated!) They’ve dedicated their time here to nonprofit service, intentional community and biblical discipleship. They love Jesus and they’re serving the ministries you’re passionate about.

We need your support to continue to help all the ministries you love.

Here’s the exciting news I have to share: every dollar you give before the end of the year will automatically be doubled – up to $50,000!

Some anonymous donors have offered us this amazing opportunity – but we can only get the full funds if we obtain the matching amount.

Do you want to impact homelessness? Save unborn lives? Provide healthcare for the poor? Assist families fleeing terrorism? Do you want to see people come to faith in Christ? Do you want to develop the next generation of Christian leaders? Through Love Thy Neighborhood, you can do all of these things and more.

By giving to LTN you give to all the ministries you love. Help the ministries you love and our urban missionaries by giving today! Every dollar will be doubled!

We can’t do it without you! Thank you for your compassionate and generous gift as we continue to share the hope of Christ this holiday season!


Jesse Eubanks
Founder & Executive Director

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